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Another example AML-Benzene case

This one is also from the Texas area.  This shows a typical situation where the AML was possibly caused by benzene exposure.  We see independent contractors as clients fairly often, because this is how a lot of work was done at these refineries.

An independent contractor for various local refineries during the ’60s and early ’70s, John Thompson says he was negligently exposed to benzene – a chemical which he claims has caused him to develop leukemia.

John and his wife Carol Thompson have filed suit against Chevron U.S.A. and eight other chemical companies on Feb. 7 in the Jefferson County District Court.

Some of the other defendants named in the suit include Texaco, E.I. DuPont, ExxonMobil and Goodrich.

According to the plaintiffs’ petition, "at various times over a (decade) John Thompson was employed by various independent contractor employers as a laborer … upon the premises of the Defendants, (where he) was occupationally exposed to various toxic and carcinogenic chemicals benzene."

As a result of his benzene exposure, Thompson claims he developed acute myelogenous leukemia, the suit said.

Source: Southeast Texas Record

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