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Texas City Redidents Sue BP Over Chemical Release

In Texas City, Texas, 143 residents have filed a lawsuit against BP (British Petroleum) in response to a 2007 incident in which the refinery released toxic chemicals into the air, negatively affecting workers, and those living near by. 

Apparently there were two releases, one involving a powdery cloud that caused residents skin and eye  irritation, and one that put 110 workers in the hospital for treatment and decontamination.

The chemical releases contained benzene, aluminum silica, and many more harmful chemicals.

The suit alleges that BP failed to properly maintain the refinery, monitor refinery operations, identify safety hazards, discover a dangerous condition, and warn plaintiffs of that condition.

In the wake of the releases plaintiffs complained of being unable to live comfortably in their homes, and deteriorating health.

Benzene, a well known carcinogen, causes a host of debilitating diseases including aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, and acute myelogenous leukemia, to name a few. 

Unfortunately chemical releases such as this are far from unheard of.  Those who are employed by, or live in close proximity, to oil refineries face in increased risk of benzene exposure. If you feel your health has been affected by exposure to benzene, contact a benzene attorney without delay.  



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