An 18-year-old boy living in Napa Valley, California, had extra reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving. After a three month stay at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Grant Beltrami recently received news that he is finally responding to the treatment he’s being given for aplastic anemia.

Stem cells have been donated to Beltrami as part of the advanced bone marrow treatment that is being given to him for this blood condition. Doctors reportedly found a bone marrow match for Beltrami from an anonymous woman living in Germany. And for the first time in more that a decade, Grant will begin to produce healthy blood. Although doctors say that he’s not cured, the signs are promising for his recovery.

“This is all pretty significant for us,” says Wendy Beltrami, Grant’s mother. “We’re feeling a lot of thanks for what is finally coming to an end.”

Boy Hopes to Return Home

According to reports, if Grant continues to make progress and his aplastic anemia begins regressing, he could be transferred out of the hospital by Christmas. They also claim that he may even get to move into the Ronald McDonald House with his parents while he continues to receive treatment. Doctors will continue to closely monitor Beltrami to ensure that his immune system doesn’t reject the new marrow at any point.

Unfortunately due to his aplastic anemia, which is a blood disorder that could prove to be fatal, Grant is missing his senior year at Napa High School. However, the Beltrami’s, did get to share a turkey feast for Thanksgiving that was put on by Ronald McDonald supporters.


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