Each year more people are diagnosed with leukemia and other forms of cancer; however, cancer treatments have also come a long way as more research and discoveries are made. Pills and various drugs have replaced bone marrow transplants for some patients and there are now genetic tests that can improve cancer care.

The staff at Park Ridge Hospital in North Carolina was recently recognized for consistently staying on top of advancements and technology as it continues to move forward. The Cancer Services and Infusion Center was one of 66 facilities in the nation to receive the 2007 Commission on Cancer Outstanding Achievement Award by the American College of Surgeons.

American College of Surgeons Awards Center

The American College of Surgeons helps to determine whether the quality of care offered by various health facilities meets standards and if the patients are getting the latest in care. Even though it was Park Ridge’s first time going through this judging process, the hospital was commended with the award.

The center treats patients with all types of cancer, particularly leukemia, which can be caused by exposure to the known carcinogen, benzene. Benzene is a toxic chemical that can cause life threatening illnesses like leukemia when it’s ingested, inhaled or handled. Those who develop leukemia as the result of benzene exposure often have to go through chemotherapy at Park Ridge as their form of treatment. The infusion center at the facility, where patients receive their chemotherapy, is the only hospital based outpatient infusion cancer program in the area.

There’s also a hospital blood bank where patients can receive a transfusion followed by chemotherapy given in a comfortable setting. The center has 19 nurses employed with chemotherapy and biotherapy certification, as well as six nurses who have oncology certification for patients.


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